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Morgan’s Story Part I

Morgan’s Story Part II
Lipedema Awareness Month: Meet Emily Bartley

Patient testimonial at The Roxbury Institute
Caramia’s Lipedema Story Part 1

Caramia’s Lipedema Story Part 2
Audrey’s Transformation at The Roxbury Institute

Lipedema surgery patient testimonial
Victoria’s Lipedema Story pt. 1

Victoria’s Lipedema Story pt. 2
Morgan talks about her journey with weight gain, loss and her diagnosis of lipedema. Part I

Morgan talks about her lipedema surgery with Dr. David Amron at the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, Part II

Morgan’s surgery day. , View her Vlog as she takes us through the entire lipedema liposuction process with Dr. Amron. Part III

Morgan and her sister Emily, patients of Dr. David Amron at the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills discuss lipedema . Listen to their story!

Kathleen shares how lipedema affected her life and her journey to get help with this misunderstood disease.

Audrey, lipedema patient, shares her story before surgery.

Marlene diagnosed with stage 2 lipedema shares how Dr. Amron saved her mobility.

Ann shares how she learned about lipedema and her treatment.

Lori travels from Michigan to treat her lipedema with Dr. Amron.

Dr. Amron lipedema patient shares her struggles with lipedema.

Carrie discusses her feelings about Dr. Amron and his lipedema treatment

Kayle & Cindy, mother and daughter discuss their lipedema condition.

Karen shares her story about how she found out about lipedema.