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Dr. Amron shows Dr. Bruce Hensel of NBC News an effective Lipedema procedure. Meet two lipedema patients. 


“Before meeting Dr. Amron, I was nearly immobile due to my lipedema. It affected me physically, socially, and mentally, and I was completely consumed in finding a solution to the condition. I was misdiagnosed countless times and spent more than 40 thousand dollars on treatments that didn’t work. Finally, I found Dr. Amron. His specialized procedure and technique completely changed my life. I am no longer facing life in a wheelchair, and am now living the active, healthy life I always dreamed of.”

Jasna Tursic, Actual Lipedema Patient

“The purpose of this personal testimonial is to express my sincerest gratitude for the superb patient care I received thus far, from “start to finish”, from Dr. David Amron and his wonderful staff. Four days ago I had liposuction performed on my anterior thighs and calves and ankles. After diligently researching physicians for the past two months, I feel very blessed that I ultimately chose Dr. David Amron to be my doctor. Because I also am a healthcare physician, many of my colleagues are renowned plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. That being said, I was very particular about who I would choose to perform my surgery and accordingly, I did my due diligence before selecting him as my liposuction specialist.

When I initially met Dr. Amron, I was immediately impressed with his gentle bedside manners, coupled with his strong sense of confidence and expertise. Dr. Amron had a very kind demeanor, and it was obvious he loved his job and was passionate about providing excellent care to his patients. During my interview with Dr. Amron, he was very informative and comprehensive about the type of surgery he would recommend for my body type. He spared no time answering my long list of questions concerning the pending procedure I was considering to have performed on my legs. Additionally, his patient care coordinator, Deanna, who I interacted with mostly, was very professional, incredibly sweet, and genuinely sincere when answering all of my questions. In general, his entire office staff and surgery staff were friendly and very accommodating.

After spending literally weeks on the computer reading reviews on Dr David Amron, as well as any and all literature I could find about various physicians specializing in “cankle” liposuction, I was somewhat nervous about this type of surgery. In certain reviews, a few patients expressed that their surgical experience was extremely uncomfortable and painful. Also, others commented that a few days (and even weeks) after the surgery, they still experienced terrible pain in their legs. As you would imagine, this information was quite discerning to me. This is perhaps the motivating reason why I decided to write this testimonial, since my surgical experience was the extreme opposite. To be brutally honest, the unexpectedly best part of my experience with Dr. Amron was the actual day of the surgery.

Now, about my surgery:
About 15 minutes before my surgery, the nurse gave me valium to calm my nerves, which apparently is the norm for patients prior to having the procedure. Dr. Amron took “before” pictures of my legs and assured me to not be nervous and that he would take great care of me. My surgery lasted approximately 2.5 hours, and I was able to coherently speak to Dr. Amron during the entire surgery.
At this point, I felt totally relaxed and meditated once I was laying on the surgery table, knowing God would now be working through Dr. Amron’s skilled hands……. And, magically, THERE WAS BARELY ANY PAIN WHATSOEVER DURING THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE. Dr. Amron was very attentive to me, and if at any point during the surgery I commented I was feeling discomfort, he showed compassion and immediately stopped and redirected where he was suctioning out the fat.

Ironically enough, my only complaint during the entire surgery was that overall my body was so cold. The reason for this was because there is cold water that comes out of the cannulas during the “water assisted liposuction” (WAL) and consequently I remember my body shivering on the table. Dr. Amron explained to me that this particular type of WAL Liposuction was necessary because he believes I have a mild case of lipedema, which apparently gets great results with this type of liposuction technique. Another important fact worth mentioning is that Dr. Amron actually is skilled with various different types of liposuction techniques, and he actually utilized a few different liposuction devices for my surgery. I remember hearing different noises throughout the procedure, and noted that he used different size cannulas, depending on what part of my leg he was sculpting. This is a huge factor to consider when you are researching a liposuction specialist. You must make certain that your physician of choice has knowledge and experience with more than one style of liposuction technique, since every person has different medical issues to be considered when he or she must undergo fat removal.

Which leads me to another fact I believe is worth mentioning. I was very comfortable with Dr. Amron because he was knowledgeable about a medical condition called “lipedema.” My entire life I have been in excellent physical condition. I work out routinely 5 to 6 days a week and had been a fitness model in my thirties. After having a child in my 40s, it was more difficult for me to stay lean and I noticed hormonal changes to my body that made me to store fat in my anterior thighs and lower legs, regardless of my diet and/or endless hours in the gym. Consequently, I was told that I am the ideal candidate for lipo”sculpture”, regardless of the fact that I have lipedema, since fat was going to be removed only to very specific parts of my thighs, ankles and calves, with the main purpose to “sculpt” out my legs in order to create better muscular definition.

In any event, it has been only four days post surgery. I cannot comment on what the final outcome of my surgery will be, since currently I have the normal and expected swelling and edema in the areas where fat was removed. But, also surprising to me, it that at this time THERE IS MINIMAL LOCALIZED PAIN IN ALL OF THE AREAS I HAD FAT REMOVED (which I find to be astounding) and I HAVE MINIMAL BRUISING. Right now the best way to explain my “discomfort” in my legs is that it feels like the aftermath of having a hard core work out in the gym. I told Dr. Amron I wanted to actually to return to the gym already, and he smiled and said I needed to take it easy. I guess I am just so excited that I am able to function with my normal rigorous physical routine already. I certainly am looking forward to be able to return to the gym, and not be so self-conscious about the disproportionate weight I once carried in my legs.

Lastly, ALL of the incisions that were made on my legs are barely noticeable, and it’s only been four days! I can’t wait for the day I am NO LONGER NEEDING TO WEAR THESE MISERABLE COMPRESSION GARMENTS. Most of the medical literature I’ve read from various liposuction specialists supports the contentions that it is imperative to wear 20 -30 mmgh compression garments post surgically. So, if I have any advice to give anyone reading this blob, make sure you have a few comfortable and fashionable pairs of compression garments, because you need to wear them MINIMALLY 24 hrs for the first two weeks. Ugh!!!!

I anxiously await to see the long-term aesthetic results of my surgery.”

Dr. A