View patient video testimonials and learn more how lipedema can be treated.

Morgan and her sister Emily, patients of Dr. David Amron at the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills discuss lipedema . Listen to their story!

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Morgan and Emily

I am doing GREAT! Before lipedema began to completely take over my life, I was a very active person. With the loss of mobility and constant pain of the past few years, caused by the lipedema, I could no longer be an active participant in life. Now my mobility is back to normal with no pain and I can be an active person again. I am loving and enjoying life again!

Melody R.

I have Lipedema Stage 2 and Dr. David Amron has SAVED my mobility.  I have suffered from Lipedema since I was age 12.   Lipedma affects my mobility and if left untreated I  could contract obesity related diseases such as  diabetes or heart disease. My fat would continue to grow on my arms and legs.    On my last trip I was leaking lymphatic fluids from my legs.  I was in a  crisis state. I needed surgery quickly.

Dr Amron is knowledgeable,  kind, caring, compassionate and he treats all of his Lipedema Ladies  like Queens. I have had so many Doctors misdiagnose me or tell me to lose weight.  He goes the extra mile to help me regain my mobility. Dr Amron’s Staff are so great.  They do everything possible to help me to heal.

Two days after surgery I was walking around.  I needed very little pain medication and most of all I could  wear  SOCKS.  I haven’t worn socks in 15 years.  
Thanks Dr Amron.  I will be able to have a healthier  life and I  can  walk pain free.  My Ankle cuff parole date was November 19,  2015.

Marlene S.

I have Stage 2 Lipedema which is a difficult condition to treat and there are only a few surgeons who do. It took me a very long time to choose my surgeon. I consulted with other surgeons in the U.S. as well as surgeons in Germany. I am very happy with my choice – Dr. David Amron. Dr. Amron is one of the most genuine, caring, confident and knowledgeable doctors I have ever worked with.  I traveled from the mid-west to have my surgeries with him. My initial closed mindedness about him because he was located in Beverly Hills was completely incorrect. I rank him right up there with the one and only Dr. Karen Herbst.  He has an amazing talent and really wants to put it to use to help us with Lipedema. Something most doctors won’t even take the time to learn about.  I don’t easily have trust in doctors but I fully trust Dr. Amron. From the moment I talked to him on my phone consultation to when I met him in person, I felt very comfortable with him.  I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Amron.  I am 6 weeks post-op from my first surgery and 3 weeks post-op from my second surgery.  I can already see a difference in my legs and arms more importantly, I feel better.  He truly is an amazing surgeon and person. I believe that Dr. Amron is the man who is going to give me a better quality of life – one that I have been chasing for years. I highly recommend Dr Amron to others who suffer from Lipedema. Thank you Dr. Amron for everything you did for me and continue to do for the Lipedema community!  

Michelle O.

Both my daughter and I have Lipedema and have gotten surgery from Dr. Amron. He is beyond amazing. He cares so much about his patients and takes his time answering all your questions. He has over 20 years of experience and I would not feel comfortable having surgery with any other doctor God Bless him.  

Laila S.