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Dr. David Amron feels strongly that where a patient lives should not be a hindrance to accessing specialized care. He understands that lipedema is an often misdiagnosed and misunderstood disease that requires the care of a lipedema treatment specialist not often found in many cities in the United States. Dr. Amron is a pioneer and an innovator in body contouring. He is known for his excellence in successfully approaching liposuction cases, revision liposuction surgeries, and for treating challenging lipedema cases. For more than two decades, Dr. Amron has focused his research and practice on liposuction and body proportioning with an emphasis on the fat storage disorder, lipedema. At his Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Amron treats patients from throughout the United States and all over the world. If you do not live close to the greater Los Angeles, CA area, Dr. Amron offers an online or phone consultation process. The online virtual consultation allows Dr. Amron to see photographs, discuss your medical history with you, and recommend a customized lipedema liposuction treatment plan, without requiring the patient to travel to Beverly Hills, CA for your initial consultation. Before any treatment, Dr. Amron requires an in-person visit for a physical examination and to confirm your lipedema treatment plan. CONCIERGE SERVICES Our lipedema care specialists can help you with your travel and lodging arrangements. We encourage you to call our office and discuss our concierge services. We are happy to assist with:

  • Airline arrangements/schedule
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Transportation once in the greater Los Angeles area
  • Dining and entertainment

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