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Lipedema Society Advisory Board

The Lipedema Society aims to encourage public advocacy, education, support and resources for those affected by the disease.

David Amron, MD, Medical Director
Advanced Lipedema Center of Excellence
Roxbury Institute, Beverly Hills, CA

Karen L. Herbst, Ph.D., MD
Endocrinologist and Lipedema Specialist
Tucson, Arizona

Emily Iker, MD
Cancer and Lipedema Specialist
Lymphedema Center

Professional members of the Lipedema Society provide education, advice, support and guidance to help fulfill our mission of advocating for women affected by this disabling disease.
It is our goal to provide accurate information on diagnosis of this complex medical disease as well as the available treatment options.

The Lipedema Society works closely with our many volunteers and women who are suffering with lipedema. These women aid in bringing awareness and understanding to this misunderstood fat storage disease.

Our website offers a wealth of information on lipedema diagnosis, advanced liposuction treatment, educational and Lipedema patient videos, support and Lipedema resources.

If you need more information, call, 424-394-1610 give us a call at or email us via our Contact Us Form.