Step 1: In-Person and Virtual (Online Video)

All of Dr. David Amron’s patients are evaluated from their necks to their ankles in order to determine the areas of disproportion, and locate where the diseased fat is concentrated to target it with liposuction. Patients who suffer from lipedema tend to have very disproportionate figures, and the goal of liposuction surgery in any patient — especially with lipedema patients — is to create a balance and proper proportion of the patient’s body.  (View before/after photos.)

Dr. Amron treats patients from all over the world, and the majority of his patients come from outside of the Los Angeles area. He offers a unique photo or phone consultation process, or alternatively an online video consultation using Skype.

This process allows Dr. Amron to see patient photographs, review previous medical records and create a personalized surgical treatment plan without requiring the patient to fly to Los Angeles. After a treatment plan is created, Dr. Amron asks his patients to arrive one day prior to their first surgery.

There’s also an in-person consultation with the doctor to confirm the prospective treatment plan. Typically, the first surgery is done the day after the face-to-face consultation, and many times, subsequent surgeries can be performed during the same trip. Patients are typically able to fly back/return to their homes as early as two days after their last surgery.   Refer to out-of-area patients for more information on our Roxbury Institute concierge services. 

Step 2: Preoperative Workup and Care

Lipedema is a complicated disorder that many doctors are still learning how to properly diagnose and treat, both medically and surgically. Until recently, lipedema has been a troubling medical mystery, so most women have had to live with it. Many of the patients Dr. Amron sees have been to numerous physicians, but never received a proper evaluation or diagnosis. However, there are answers and an effective treatment.

Dr. Amron stresses the diagnosis of lipedema must be done on a clinical basis and categorized into three stages: mild, moderate and severe or advanced. After a correct diagnosis, Dr. Amron carefully evaluates his patients to determine whether they are candidates for liposuction.

Prior to liposuction surgery, it’s important to help reduce the tissue load of swelling. This can either be done with compression pumps, or pre-compression pump therapy. Patients are also placed on an antibiotic one day before surgery, for the duration of five days. It’s also necessary that elderly patients, or patients with additional medical problems, receive medical clearance prior to the operation.

Dr. Amron takes the evaluation and consultation process for lipedema patients and subsequent liposuction surgery very seriously. This is both to determine who is truly a candidate for lipedema liposuction surgery and specifically where to target.

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