Dr. Amron featured in People

LA: The 5 Best Places to Go for Lunchtime Lipo

Let’s face it, Los Angeles is the home of plastic surgery procedures. Because of this, everyone is constantly looking for the next best thing—the most non-invasive, the quickest, the best. Read More

Dr. Amron featured in People

There really is a type of fat you can’t lose with diet and exercise

To lose a pound of fat, you have to burn more calories than you take in… unless you have lipedema. Not familiar with the term? Most people aren’t, but an estimated 10 percent of all women suffer from the painful condition that makes it difficult — if not impossible — to lose weight. Read More

Dr. Amron featured in People

Lipedema: The Fat Disorder That Millions Have But No One Has Heard Of

Dr. David Amron was interviewed by KQED, on his innovative treatment of lipedema. Ninety percent of Dr. Amron’s clientele have lipedema. They come to him for liposuction. Learn about Judy Maggiore’s journey.   Read More

Dr. Amron featured in People

Girl with Rare Disease that Causes Fat Storage in Legs Undergoes Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery

Two years ago, Emily Bartley began eating a clean diet and exercising one to two times every day in an attempt to lose weight. While she noticed her stomach getting toned, the fat in her arms and legs didn’t seem to be going away. Read More

Dr. Amron congratulates Dr. Herbst on receipt of 1.5 million dollar endowment to the College of Medicine - Tucson Research Education Program

Cure for Fat Tissue Disorders Sought in UA Alumna’s $1.5 Million Gift to Fund College of Medicine – Tucson Research and Education Program

Dr. Amron congratulates Dr. Herbst on receipt of 1.5 million dollar endowment to the College of Medicine – Tucson Research Education Program to further her work on lipedema. Dr. Amron closely collaborates with Dr. Herbst on the care and treatment of his lipedema patients. Read More

Marie Claire Magazine October 2015


Marie Claire Magazine – October 2015

“Slim Chance” Andrea Bartz investigates a shockingly common condition that many experts aren’t aware of. Dr. David Amron interviewed about lipedema. Read More

LIPOSUCTION: A surprising treatment for a painful condition


By Avinash Ramsadeen Published March 03, 2015, FOX NEWS

Dr. Amron was featured on the Fox News website for his life saving lipedema solution.

Imagine spending 12 years of your life in pain, without knowing the cause. For one Salt Lake City woman, that was her life until she was diagnosed with lipedema, a chronic fat storage disease that almost exclusively affects women. Read More

Huffington Post April 2014


Huffington Post – Posted: 04/16/2014 12:32 pm EDT Updated: 06/16/2014 5:59 am EDT

Often mistaken for obesity or unusual weight gain, one disease affects more than 17 million women nationwide, and most are unaware it’s a disease at all. Meet Jasna, a 43-year-old female from Utah who suddenly found herself gaining a significant amount of fat in her legs and thighs. After spending nearly $40,000 struggling to find the source of her problem, Jasna was finally diagnosed with lipedema, or lipoedema, a relatively unknown disease affecting much of our population. Read More

LiveStrong March 2015

Lipedema: The Fat-Storing Disease Immune to Diet and Exercise – March 12, 2015 By Dr. David Amron

Imagine gaining weight and, regardless of your diet or exercise habits, you’re unable to lose those pounds. Sadly, this scary thought has become the unfortunate reality for approximately 11 percent of the female population. Read more



Beauty in the Bag

Dr. Amron was featured in an article on the negative effects of lipedema and how to rid oneself of it. Learn more about his practice and his innovative approach to treating lipedema. Read More


Is this Rare Disease Making You Look Fat?

Dr. Amron discusses the disease lipedema and a procedure that can effectively combat it.

“I noticed weight gain in my buttocks and legs, which was strange because I was eating less and exercising more,” laments Lisa. “I had lost more than 120 pounds when I was 32, but I still looked extremely out of proportion since I only lost weight from my waist up. My upper arms, buttocks, and thighs up to my knees looked like they belonged to another person.”  Read more


Conditions Masquerading as Fat and Obesity

By Tim Sandle, May 22, 2014 | Digital Journal

Dr. Amron explaining Lipedema and other conditions that make losing weight near impossible.  Diet and exercise normally proves effective for weight loss. However, a leading medic asks what if you’ve tried it all and the pounds still continue to pile? Dr. Amron says someone may be suffering from one of several diseases masquerading as obesity. Read More


Rare Adipose Disorder (RADs) Masquerading as Obesity

Karen L. Herbst, Ph.D, MD
Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (2012)

Rare Adipose Disorder (RADs) including multiple symmetric lipomtosis (MLS), lipedema, and Derum’s disease (DD) may be misdiagnosed as obesity. Read more

Lipedema, A Rare Disease

Bae Wook Shin, M.D., Young-Joo Sim,M.D., Ho Joong Jeong, M.D., and Ghi Chan Kim, M.D.
Ann Rehabil Med. 2011 Dec; 35(6): 922-927.

Lipedema is a chronic disease of lipid metabolism that results in the symmetrical impairment of fatty tissue distribution and storage combined with the hyperplasia of individual fat cells. Lipedema occurs almost exclusively in women and is usually associated with a family history and characteristic features. It can be diagnosed based on clinical history and physical examination. Read More (Download PDF)

Lipoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks.

The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, although there have been rare cases reported in men. Read more

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